I’m engHell, an amateur/freelance photographer from the south of Sweden. I usually photograph nature/landscapes or metal concerts. I’m constantly trying to expand my photography, so in the future I’ll be doing more portraits and “band” portraits. I’m also a fan of old decaying industries and other such places and will try to photograph more of that.
I’m also a musician and I listen to a lot of extreme music such as Black and Death metal. I’m an militant atheist/antitheist and I’m strongly against organized religion such as judeo-christianity, islam and scientology and the neverending stupidity that follows with it. I’m interrested in things of an occult and satanic nature though I don’t consider myself being a satanist, cos I don’t believe in following other people’s visions, I try to create and live by my own. On this blog I write about photography, metal and other things that interrests or annoys me. I might have strong opinions about metal or my disgust for religion and if you don’t agree with me, well fuck you, I’m right! But you can always leave a comment and discuss with me.

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