They came from Stagsden!

Tripods. Tripods are great. Tripods are great if you need to be extra steady, use a longer shutterspeed or make 100% steady exposures to merge into HDR.  They’re also great to slow you down a bit and maybe make you think a bit extra before pressing the shutter release. They are also a pain in the ass to drag along if you bring them in-case-of needing them while walking in the city for example if they are a bit too big and heavy, which they unfortunately often are.

But big and heavy usually means sturdy when you’re on the beach with the wind being unmerciful. Me myself have a big and sturdy tripod, a Manfrotto 055 NAT3 with a Manfrotto 468 RC4 ball head which has served me very well for the last 8 years. The only thing that is wrong with it is that it’s too big and heavy to just bring along in case it’s needed. What I want is a small, compact but yet reasonably sturdy tripod and I’ve looked around a bit but hadn’t found it until I heard of 3 Legged Thing. These UK made tripods does not only seem cool, they seem very very good. So I’ve got my sight on a Brian (they’re all named after rock stars) carbon fiber tripod and will get one as soon as I can afford it.


~ by engHell on Friday, 22 February, 2013.

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