Bags again

A camera bag is one of the hardest thing to buy, I think. First off, there are so many of them, second, most of them are ugly, third they’re very expensive and fourth and most important, they never seem to fit the amount and/or sort of gear that you want to take with you.

If you them add that most of them are never that comfortable as they promise to be and also, it’s nearly impossible to find a place to actually have a look at them all. And of course, no store can have them all since they’ll take up a lot of space and of course money for them.

Still it’s a pain in the ass to find one. And I want a new backpack. During my time living in Brisbane, Australia, I went to a local Crumpler store and had a look. I wanted a shoulder/messenger bag for walking around in the urban surroundings of this large city and I found one that is excellent.

The Mild Enthusiast (L) is the one, not too bulky, not too small, but pretty mych perfect for just a DSLR with batterygrip with something like a Canon EF 17-40 f/4 L and a Canon EF 80-200 f/2,8 L, some extra other small things like memory cards, lens clothes, my iPod Touch, and a slip pocket for my iPad.

ME3001-T01G60_img05_nrm ME3001-T01G60_img06_nrm

Photos from Crumpler’s website

But even if this is great, walking around with it the whole day fucks up at least my neck, when all weight is on one shoulder. And also, I want something to take with me out into the nature. As I’ve posted before, I’ve got a Lowepro Nature Trekker II AW which is a great backpack in many ways, especially if you want to bring all your photographic equipment with you. I don’t want to bring every lens with me, instead I want to bring maybe 2 or 3 and some other stuff like food and/or clothes and stuff like that or if I use it in a city, so I can store something there if I buy something during the day.

Most backpacks don’t offer that. If they’re the type that have a camera compartment, that seems always to be too small or there’s hardly any extra space for something else than the camera equipment.

But I had heard of f-stop backpacks and now I’ve checked them out and they’re seem to be what I’ve been looking for. They’re based on a modular system where you buy a backpack shell of the size that you want, then an ICU (Internal Camera Unit, I think) also in what size that you want and cusmoize it in that way. The bigger the backpack, the bigger ICU’s it can take, and/or number of them. And in the way you customize the bag, it can be pretty perfect I think. They also seem to be of top notch quality. Just gonna see if I can sell my other backpack and get the money I need to put in between (I’ve just moved back to Sweden and that’s not cheap and moneyt is always tight).

These backpacks though seems to be very reasonably priced for what you’re actually getting, so we’ll see, hopefully I can get one in not that far of a future.


~ by engHell on Sunday, 17 February, 2013.

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