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Just talked about this thing with my fiancé, the thing about people telling everyone on Facebook what they’re doing. Things like “hey all my Facebook-“friends”, I’m going to the toilet now, woohoo isn’t that awesome? BRB after doing some poos” or “I’m gonna eat now” or “I’m watching TV”. I mean, who gives a flying fuck about that? And why do people seem to think that everyone else is so interrested in their lives? Facebook has really got the ego and self-importance to go to the roof (yeah, I know, to write a blog is a bit of the same thing, fuck you!). And all the posts from people’s iPhones (or similar), showing where they are? Yeah, I’m gonna get an iPhone when I move to Australia and I like the fact that it has an built-in gps (since I’m gonna need it, ha ha), but only so I know where I am, and NOT to show everyone else! Aren’t we already being watched enough today by the authorities for example? Our internet is being watched and controlled (by the way, FUCK YOU, yeah YOU who’s sitting there reading this before I’ve even posted it! I hope you’ll get yourself a tasty dose of AIDS) and there’s constantly popping up these CCTV’s everywhere to watch what we’re doing (oh yeah, it’s sooo much for our own protection against crimes), and we’re leaving traces when we use our credit cards. The fact is that the reality of George Orwell’s 1984 is already here in many ways, and still people wants to decrease their own personal integrity even more? I don’t fucking get that?! End of rant.


~ by engHell on Sunday, 10 April, 2011.

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