More Australia

Australia is awesome in many ways. I’ve got a job and Brisbane is the city I’m moving to as soon as the new visa is fixed. I’m looking forward to be moving here and to start working and living here. I’m also looking forward to bring out my camera again, since this is also a blog that I have intentions on posting photos and stuff like that on, not only extreme metal. So with new locations, new scenery, this will be awesome.

But talking about metal. I’m gonna start an underground black (also some death and other good stuff) metal distro here in Australia, that’s my plan. There are others, but I’m not impressed at all of what I’ve seen. And people I’ve talked to here says there are no places, not even in a city like Melbourne with a rather large number of metal fans, where you can find decent stuff, and I’m sorry, but that that is fucked! If it takes a foreigner like me to give it to people here, well, that’s what it takes. I will start it as soon as the pieces have fallen into place here. Australia WILL be saved from lack of extreme underground metal. \m/


~ by engHell on Friday, 2 July, 2010.

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