Most evil man on Earth

Take a look at this disgusting fucking piece of shit. The most evil man on Earth, the head of the catholic church, pope Benedict XVI.

Look at the evil-as-fuck-expression in his eyes, the look of a child-molester amirite? Hiding behind a fucking fairytale book, trying to make two thousand years of torture, murders and oppression, of taking away human rights such as freedom of speech and to NOT believe in the same fucked up lies as these christians, into righteous acts by telling people “it’s an act of god”.

It fills me with such disgust that it  makes me want to throw up! Death to him and all his followers (after going through the same kind of torture they put non-believers through during the inquisitions)! Fuck these pigs!

“Chop them into pieces in their cathedrals
Slay them, mutilate them with fire
Under the whip with the pedophile pope
Damned got I’m so incredolous

The Crucifixus – Anus Dei
Belphegor – Goatreich-Fleshcult, Napalm Records, 2005.


~ by engHell on Wednesday, 17 March, 2010.

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