Everywhere on the net there’s post after post on different blogs about this new “revolutionary” online service called Spotify, that instead of actually making people buy cds or pay for files like in iTunes or download mp3’s in some other way, it streams the music right off the net. It’s supposed to be a free service and when you listen to it there will be some advertising once in a while and that is what’s gonna finance the thing, if you don’t buy a VIP account, then you’re without advertising jingles now and then. It hasn’t fully opened up yet, and I’m not one of those “lucky” ones that gets invited to beta test it for free (and fuck no, I would never pay for it), though I have experienced and taken a look and listened to it through workmates.

But soon it’s gonna be avaliable to everybody (yay), but I think this Spotify thing sucks. Anybody with any decent taste in music like myself, will find it nearly useless, cos it’s mostly filled with worthless fucking crap “music” like hiphop and pop and other commercial consumer shit that most people listen to today. But then again most people are worthless, with some exceptions of course, so it reflects on reality I guess. When I searched for some quality music in its database, it couldn’t really find anything that I searched for, and then what’s the use for it?

And when it comes to music, I want to own the cd with the music that I listen to, that’s how I feel even if I’m at the moment listening to music through iTunes or my iPod 99% of the time. And downloading mp3’s to get some sneak peaks on what to buy is great, and I don’t put any moral aspect into downloading if you’re short on cash and can’t afford to buy cds, not at all and I’ve done my share of downloading too. But when it comes to Spotify, when you turn it off, you’re left with nothing, not even a file (mp3, AAC, flac or whatever) to put into your iPod or any other player and nah, I think that sucks.


~ by engHell on Friday, 26 December, 2008.

3 Responses to “Spotify”

  1. whaa got any invites?

    • Um, if I write that I’m not one of the “lucky” ones who’s got invited to beta test it, do you actually think I’ve got any invitations then? Think about it for a moment and tell me if you came up with a good answer.

  2. mail

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