Jesus Made Me Puke

“Jesus Made Me Puke” is an interresting article written by Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi, taken from an forthcoming book. This guy got undercover with the Christian Right in the south of the U.S.A. and it is both an amusing yet frightening article to read about how these people behave and act together. The headline of the article is pretty obvious, but read it and get the explanation.

And to get the creepy feeling after reading this article out of the system, listening to some nice music would probably help. My humble suggestions are among many others:

  • Behemoth – Antichristian Phenomenon
  • Behemoth – Christians To The Lions
  • Belphegor – Fukk The Blood Of Christ
  • Behexen – Fist Of The Satanist
  • Thy Serpent – Christcrusher
  • Gorgoroth – En Stram Lukt av Kristent Blod
  • Dimmu Borgir – Antikrist
  • Dimmu Borgir – Da Den Kristne Satte Livet Til

Or any other soothing music.


~ by engHell on Thursday, 17 July, 2008.

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