War is peace – Freedom is slavery!

I feel that I can’t shut up about this…

On June 18, a new law passed the “riksdag” (parliament) and all citizens in Sweden lost their freedom and are now being watched and spyed on thru a new law called “FRA-lagen”. FRA (Försvarets Radioanstalt) will be watching all cable communication that goes over the borders of Sweden and today nearly all communication even domestic goes over the borders in some way. This means that all e-mails, sms, mobile and ordinary phonecalls and all other internettraffic will be analyzed, no need for suspicion of a crime.

This is seriously fucked up and must be stopped! This is very dangerous and bad for all citizens and the future looks even darker than before. The dark futuristic visions of George Orwells’ “1984” is more reality than ever, Sweden=Oceania? This fucking nation needs a revolution or something…




~ by engHell on Sunday, 22 June, 2008.

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